Summer bedding and Hanging baskets

Plants used for summer bedding are generally annuals or tender perennials. They are used as instant eye-catching displays. Upright and trailing plants are suitable for flowerbeds, planters and hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets range from £5 - £25 depending on the plants and size of the basket chosen, We can supply the basket or bring your own.

All Prices are each unless otherwise stated

Product picture Product Name Product Price
Baristo Blue £1.00
  Baristo Pink £1.00
  Dynamic White £1.00
  Gold Leaf White £1.00
  Great Purple £1.00
  Yellow £1.00
  Apple Blossom £1.00
  Dark Blue £1.00
  Double Blue £1.00
  Double Cherry £1.00
  Ice White £1.00
  Sunrise £1.00
  Convolvulus Manati Deep Blue  
  Cosmos Candy Stripe £1.00
  Cuphea Tiny Mice £1.00
  Fuchsia Trailing  
  Blue Angel £1.20
  Frosted Flame £1.20
  Happy Wedding £1.20
  Marinka £1.20
  Fuchsia Upright  
  Carmel Blue £1.20
  Delta Sarah £1.20
  Hawkshead £1.20
  Tom West £1.20
  Daybreak Mixed £0.50
  Kissed Mix £0.50
  Talent Mix £0.50
  Geranium Ivy  
  Amy £1.20
  Deep Red £1.20
  Evka £1.20
  Mexicana £1.20
  Mexican Nealit £1.20
  Sybil White Pearl £1.20
  Tommy £1.20
  Geranium Upright  
  Burgundy Splash £1.50
  Classic True Red £1.50
  Classic White £1.50
  Classic White Splash £1.50
  Odorata Lemon £1.50
  Palladium Mix £1.00
  Summer Rain £1.00
  Summer Showers £1.00
  Micro Silver £1.00
  Silver £1.00
  Variegated £1.00
  Impatiens Dezire Mix £1.00
  Espiranta Red  
  Espiranta Rose  
  Lobelia Trailing  
  Crystal Palace £0.50
  Riviera Blue Splash £0.50
  White Lady £0.50

£2.00 Per Tray (20)

£1.50 Per Tray (12)

  Nepta £1.00
  Osteospermum Erato Lemon Pink £1.00
  Back to Black £1.00
  Giant Dijon £1.00
  Marvel Beauty Blueberry £1.00
  Marvel Beauty Raspberry £1.00
  Shockwave Mix £1.00
  Tmberlina Damson Ripple £1.50
  Tumbelina Melissa £1.50
  Plactranthus Silver Crest £1.00
  Samira Burgundy  
  Samira Red Star  

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