Summer bedding and Hanging baskets

Plants used for summer bedding are generally annuals or tender perennials. They are used as instant eye-catching displays. Upright and trailing plants are suitable for flowerbeds, planters and hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets range from £5 - £25 depending on the plants and size of the basket chosen, We can supply the basket or bring your own.

All Prices are each unless otherwise stated

Product picture Product Name Product Price
  Ageratum Houstonianum  
  Ariella Blue £2.00 6 Pack
  Ariella Violet £2.00 6 Pack
  Ariella White £2.00 6 Pack
  Baristo Giga Blue £2.50 6 Pack
  Baristo Giga Pink £2.50 6 Pack
  Baristo Giga Rose £2.50 6 Pack
  Baristo Giga White £2.50 6 Pack
  Baristo Trio White-Blue-Lavender £2.50 6 Pack
  Baristo Trio White-Blue-Pink eye £2.50 6 Pack
  Boliviensis Orange £2.50 6 Pack
  Boliviensis Rose £2.50 6 Pack
  Boliviensis White £2.50 6 Pack
  Boliviensis Yellow £2.50 6 Pack
  x Semperflorens Super Olympia Mix £1.50 6 Pack
  x Tuberhybrida Tubby Mix 0.65p Each
  x Tuberhybrida Nonstop Mix 0.65p Each
  x Tuberhybrida Illumination Mix 0.65p Each
  Calipetite Trio White-Blue-Rose £1.50 each
  Calipetite Trio Yellow-Blue-Red £1.50 each
  Calipetite Trio Yellow-Blue-Rose £1.50 each
  Calita Double Blue £2.00 6 Pack
  Calita Double Pink £2.00 6 Pack
  Calita Double Red £2.00 6 Pack
  Calita Double Sky Blue £2.00 6 Pack
  Calita Double Sun £2.00 6 Pack
  Coleus  £1.00
  x Blumei Malibu Apricot £0.95 each
  Canina Kick off Cat £0.95 each
  Dahlia x Hortensis Figaro Mix £1.50 6 Pack
  Diascia Elegans  
  Divara Blush £0.75 each
  Divara Deep Red £0.75 each
  Divara Pink £0.75 each
  Divara White £0.75 each
  Dichondra Argentea  
  Emerald Falls £0.75 each
  Silver Falls £0.75 each
  Marbeller Flying Scotsman £0.75 each
  Marbeller Purple Rain £0.75 Each
Daybreak Mixed £0.50 each or £2.00 6 Pack
  Kiss Frosty Mix £0.50 each or £2.00 6 Pack
  Glechoma Hederacea Veriegata £0.75 each
  Tumbelina Anna £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Belinda £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Bella £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Candyfloss £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Cherry Ripple £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Damson Ripple £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Diana £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Inga £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Katherina £1.00 each
  Tumbelina Maria £1.00 each 

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