Towards Independence

Catering and cooking

    • It is important that every individual knows the basics of cooking, allowing them to be independent while also creating healthy, tasty meals for themselves, friends and family. We offer a range of different cookery levels, depending on the students ability.


  • In a world full of technology, knowing the basics of how to use a computer is vital. We provide fun activities to students, allowing them to develop theirknowledge and provide them the required skills they would need to further study this subject.

Sports & Healthy Living

  • Our sports and healthy living sessions provide students with fun activities allowing them to socialise with friends. We also teach students about planning a healthy diet, the importance of regular exercise, and also having a healthy lifestyle.

English, Maths & Science

  • We provide students with tuition in English, Maths, Science & Geography. By using our 1-4 teaching technique, we can provide additional support to students who are finding it difficult to understand a particular session. This improves students' confidence as they are getting fast and helpful support.

Art & craft

  • Student's are tought to use a range of recyclable materials to create different crafts, completing the activity they were given. This helps to develop their imagination and confidence. Using materials which can be recycled also helps to teach them about the environment and why recycling is something we should all contribute to.

Drama & music

  • We use drama and music performances to help boost the confidence of students. Students will reherse for performances and will use a lot of emotions. Some performances also include singing and dancing, and once everyone is ready and confident, the performance is performed in front of the local community.