About Us

Founded in 2002 FACET is a charity with a focus on providing training and day care to adults with disabilities within the Fenland area. We are based in March with shops in March & Whittlesey.

We have over 118 students who attend over the course of the week, some for a single session others will attend for up to 10 sessions. We work on a 1:4 ratio, tutors will have four students each, this ensures that we can provide the best care and tuition for the students. We also offer 1-1 support if it is required, this would be carried out either by our own highly trained staff, or through the use of external support workers.

We offer three main areas within the tuition we provide. Horticulture, woodwork and Towards Independence.


    • Opportunities for students to develop gardening skills, taking part in landscaping work within the community.

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  • Opportunities for students to develop woodworking skills and to craft items which are available for sale in our charity shops.

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Towards INdependence

  • This area offers opportunities for students to gain skills in a range of areas including Catering, Sports, English and Maths.

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We currently have two charity shops around Fenland, these are in March and Whittlesey. These charity shops offer students the opportunity to develop skills within a retail environment, which could help them to progress into working within the retail sector. The charity shops are also used to sell of the crafts created by our students, or the plants grown by them.



The community suite has an interactive smart board, we use this for a variety of sessions and hold meetings. £25 per session


The main hall has a kitchen attached which is used by students for independent living skills and cooking. £30 per session

2nd HALL

The 2nd hall is smaller and is used for music, providing a large space for rehearsing, the hall is also used for bowls. £25 per session


We have an IT suite which is used for developing students' computer skills, helping them in their daily lives. £25 per session


We have a Sensory Room which is available for hire at £12 for half an hour and £22 for an hour. Please contact us for more details.


Each session is a 4 hour block.

All our rooms, in particular the halls are available for hire at very reasonable rates the price varies depending on the time required and room being hired. Please contact us on 01354 655 080 for more information.


This will be confirmed by FACET