Alpines and Ornamental Grasses


Rock gardens are one of the ways to display small plants especially alpines, an under-used group, of plants to great advantage. It is not difficult to get the conditions right for the plants and create an attractive environment that looks as natural as possible.

Ornamental Grasses

They're perfect for planting with summer annuals, they also add height to borders. Ornamental grasses will attract wildlife into your garden and may provide shelter for insects as well as producing seed as food for birds.

All Prices are each unless otherwise stated

 Product Picture Product Name  Product Price
  Antennaria Rubra £1.00 Out of Stock
  Alchemilla Erythrepoda £1.00 Out of Stock
  Alysum Saxatile Summit  £1.00 Out of Stock
  Antennaria Dioica Nyewoods £1.00 Out of Stock
  Aquilegia £1.00 Out of Stock
  Campanula Porcharskyanna £1.00 Out of Stock
  Chiastophyllum Oppositiflow £1.00 Out of Stock
  Heliathemum Golden Queen £1.00 Out of Stock
  Geranium Vision Pink £1.00 Out of Stock
  Oxalis Adenophiya  £1.00 Out of Stock
  Pratia Pendunculata £1.00 Out of Stock
  Pulsatilla Vulgaris Purple £1.00 Out of Stock
  Pulsatilla Vulgaria White £1.00 Out of Stock
  Sedium Tetractinum Coral Reef £1.00 Out of Stock
  Semperviens £1.00 Out of Stock
  Festuca Glauca £3.00 
  Lagurus Bunny Tail £3.00 
  Ponytail  £2.00 Out of Stock