Cordyline Australis Red Star


 Cordyline Australis Red Star £5.00 small, £7.50 medium, £10.00 large.

Description Cultural Notes Plant Information
Erect, palm-like tree with arching narrow red leaves. Mature trees bear tiny, creamy white flowers, followed by white or blue-tinted berries.  This improved red leaved variety retains the red colour even on mature leaves.

Hardiness: Not Hardy Height max: 1 - 3m
Position: Full sun/ Patial shade Spead max: 1 - 2m
Soil Type: Most types of soil Growing speed: 10 - 20 years
Protection: Sheltered site Flower colour: Creamy white
  Flower months: June - July
  Foliage: Evergreen
  Toxicity: None