Picture Description Measurements Price
   Arbour Seat  135cm W x 180cm H x 60cm D  £200.00
2 Seater Bench 130cm W x 123cm H x 97cm D £130.00

Picnic Bench Children's

Picnic Bench Adult

Adult = 150cm W x 90cm H

Children's = 96CM W x 54 cm H




Round Picnic Bench Children's

Round Picnic Bench Adult

Adult = 195cm W x 90cm H

Children's = 122cm W x 54cm H



  Rocking Chair 78cm W x 123cm H x 97cm D £90.00
  Single Chair 78cm W x 123cm H x 90cm D £90.00

Swing Bench (no roof)

With Roof

170cm W x 220cm H x 150cm D



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